Client Services


Carrier Rate Negotiations

Lane Analysis

Rate Matrix Design & Preparation

Comprehensive  Freight Bill Audit

Weekly Statement Preparation

Truckload Scheduling

Total Transportation Management

Advantage 1


Advantage 1 is our Proprietary Transportation Software System

Captures all Pertinent Data From the Shipping Documents

Is Multimodal

Captures Multiple Customer Specific Data Fields

Consolidates Data into Concise Management Reports

Freight Bill Audit

Advantage Services provides in-depth audit to validate rates and charges on your carrier invoices.  We also provide concise accounting reports to make your payment process as simple as possible.

 All invoices are processed with in 24 hours of receipt  so there is no delay in carrier payment.

Accounts Payable


Advantage Services successfully reduces the labor required for carrier payment

We can easily upload carrier payment information directly from our proprietary software  system, Advantage  1, into your accounting package in any format you require.